march 1st
New York City 2018

#46 chatCharades

What the f©ck is this?

it’s what it sounds like, a chat that is used to play charades. I know, a very stupid idea. But kinda fun.

Like most of my games, this does not sound or look classy or fascinating, I don’t thing I’m innovating nor I’m trying to, this is me just having an Idea and making it a reality.

This started from the idea of creating a chat where the two sides of the conversation had different tools to communicate to each other, I wanted to limit both sides and have them engage into a conversation, but I knew that having to strangers and making them talk can be a bit awkward, so I required an incentive, something that made then talk, and keep talking.

This is where being at the finals week helped, I needed to do projects for two different classes, one; a game design and Psychology course at NYU’s game center, and the other one a Live web class at ITP. this project was fitting for the Live Web class, but If I found a way of making this chat a game, IO would be able to focus in doing only one project. and that I did.

Charades solved the problem, this well known game is already a conversation where both sides have restrictions on how they are supposed to communicate. But it has problems that could be solved with tech.

The first one would be the fact that people when acting out, they don’t really not say a word or sound, they do, unconsciously but it still happens.

The other is knowing if the word has been guessed properly, sometimes we get stuck in a very similar word or a synonym, and don’t really know if it’s the appropriate one. This is nitpicking but we can address it when digitizing this party game.

So this is the reasoning behind this very stupid but fun game.

this guy was an amazing player

the game

Okay, so Charades but digitized. how do you play it?

The game consists of two sides. There’s what we call the mirror and then the sender. Each have similar shape but do very different things (sorta).


the mirror consist of a screen with feed form a webcam in the same location, so the result is the same as a mirror would do.

on the bottom of said screen we see a label with the word that the person in the location has to act out, this makes them the actor. The mirror is where the word has to be acted out.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.