january 13th
New York City 2017

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#26 11 years

11y or 11 years is a WIP website that tells the story of a decade and a day of the life of Josep Recarens. a retired musician that spend his youth traveling around with his trumped and a bunch of musicians like him. The goal of this site is to tell the story through his own memories represented by photographs and later on, recordings and maps.

The text shown is a contextualisation of what was told to me through various conversations during the years I’ve shared with his. It’s worth making clear that Josep, or Pepito, is my grandad. the images and recordings are to show proof of what is being said although is his reality and memories where recorded and proven facts are not relevant.

The imagined output and the final product are not so different. the concept did not change and the content has not changed either, although it not being yet finished the final result projection has not changed. During the process various wall were encountered. the most important one, was technical skill, many of the goals that were set although conceptually an visually simple, the execution was not so easy.

The skill related “failures” were mainly two; Trying to animate text at the same speed as speech is a very long process that has to be done manually due to the quality of the recording and the fact that what is said is not what would be shown. The second problem was related to creating a map that showed the different areas where the story happens and adding it to the background of the content.

The most relevant part of this project is the difficulties I have come across, first of all not knowing my own limitations and setting too big of a goal. And second time management. which combined with the first one has proven to be a recipe for disaster. It’s worth mentioning that, as said before, this is not a finished product. I proposed a background showing the geographical locations and a live transcription of recordings. All this is going to be done, but my skills all speed had a limit that I failed to set.

I am compelled to finish this project. For what it means to me and my pride.


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