March 27th
New York City 2017

bluetooth LE
#31 bluetooth LE Beacon System.

The last assigment for Bluetooth LE class was comming up with a sytem based on Beacons, and any kind of applications that could benefit from their capavilities.

I tend to look into my everyday and find actual use to the projects I have in mind and that are being plotted, and for the last couple of weeks one concept is bugging me, apps that are only required in specific locations.
What I mean by these is all those apps we have in our phones that are only used once we are in a certain location. The most common example would be any kind of transport hub, like a train station or an airport. But many other places can benefit of something like that. We are talking about, museums, cinemas, any kind os storefront, staduims, etc. All this places are locations that might already have a mobile application, that might already be very usefull. But having to download a specific app for every single stablishment we visit. can be a nightmare and a lot of cuttler in you phone.

To this I propose a concept, apps that appear only when needed. This means an app that can be seen only when you get to the airport, or any other place that fits the mold we are referencing. There are three main factors here;

  1. The user saves memory space by not having a bunch of one-time-use apps.
  2. Easy access to usefull/valuable content only when actually needed.
  3. A better served customer

This three point are not that helpfull to make clear what I’m trying to accomplish with this concept. Let’s hope this schematic does the job.
alt text It doesn’t, I know, but what has to be understood here is the concept of using the beacon as a location manager, making sure people have what they need opn site. This link would generate new app on the phone, that wouldn’t be a tradicional app, but a PhoneGap style app, which would show a webapp. This wouldn’t be a basic landing page, but a site that would use your ID to link your persona with the services provided in the place where this communication takes place. For example, If this was happening in a coffeshop, you would see the menu and offers in your phone, plus recommendations and maybe an option to order and pay from there, and a list of your past orders. If you had to donwload an app in your phone to get these services, in a coffeeshop you go once a month, you would rather save the space of memory. But is said app would only apperar when really close or when inside, the sitation might change, and you would probaly use it. Provided that the service is actually advantageous.

Looking back to the concept, this might look very similar to what the physical web is, but, form my point of view, specialy in the UX side of the deal, the fact that is an app that appears and not a new tab in our browser is important.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.