march 13th
New York City 2017

nature of code
#30 understanding NoC

So this final project has been a major fail. This last 7 weeks have been hard on me, It’s easy to understand the concepts but when trying to apply them to code, is verrryyy hard. I thought I understood JavaScript but I still got much to learn and I assure that this project once it’s done, it will have its floating ‘balls’.

My objective with this last assignment was to create de flocking behavior within Phaser, and inside an already existing project.

Again, as I said I do understand the concepts very well, I love physics and the math involved. but trying to translate the p5 version of the flocking system to phaser was way harder than I anticipated.

The process was the following;;

  1. first I had to translate the object to a sprite, which is a game-object in phaser.
  2. after that I had plan to make said object follow the game character. I had lot’s of problems there.
  3. Last, once the character was being followed by one object adding to that was going to be easy, due to phaser being very good at detecting other elements and such.

to check out the WIP click here, I’ll keep updating.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.