february 1st
New York City 2017

networked media
#28 node.js

The text by Vannevar Bush offers a very interesting point of view and perception of what the future was thought to hold during 1945. At that moment, there was a war going on, and the only main objective of any kind of research was warfare and making the end of the war sooner. Something quite easy to understand. It’s worth mentioning that the warfare industry although it had it high points, nowadays it can be compared with many private non war oriented companies where technology is at the same level as specialized war products.

Even though the funding keeps being much higher for warfare focused products, Other technologies are not in the sights of those who fund. Said situation helped that consumer technologies or the tech that powers services got to a similar level.

As always happens with text that try to predict future advances in technology, no one expected something like the internet to come by, the concept wasn’t even imaginable for the minds of that moment. And if we, here during 2017, try to shape the world 60 years from now we are for sure going to miss a very important and revolutionary concept.


To showcase the server holding some kind of webpage, I created a emoji-based text adventure, very simple but it does work.

Something worth mentioning are the problem I encountered when trying to install the application forever on my machine.

 » link to VPS

 » try this one then


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