may 8th
New York City 2017

networked media
#34 _waster 02 · working on it

This serves as an update to my progress on the _waster project. And documentation for my Networked Media Course Final.

If you are not interested on the process and all that nonsense, you can skip that and go to the repo and all it’s branches. OR you can just go play the game.


Let’s get to the boring part first so we can end up in the fun. The server is not working. The structure is the same one I planned to use before, but the framework I was going to use in the first place was too complex for how simple the project and it’s features are. So I ended up using LoopBack.

LoopBack is, as they say on its website; “The Node.js API Framework”. If you are a noob like me, it’s plug and play for certain Node.js applications; you install it (check the website), then you look for what you need, and the system itself guides you through the set up.
In my specific case I had to configure an API Server, that with a JSON file that would coordinate data through all the clients connected to the server. That way I would make sure all the players were checking the same information and therefore “online”.

The reference I used is a tutorial made by Lawrence Wolfe at Liquid Interactive. A very good walkthrough to setting up a server like the one I’m attempting to do. If you follow all the steps, the example works, but the hard part comes when you have to change all the system to make it work with whatever project you are doing.

The silver lining is that loopBack sets up most thing for you. When you request the type of system you require, it walks you through all the process and sets the Json file according to the characteristics you need and tell it to have. The rest is a different story, from there you alone. Which is alright, you just have to figure it out, which in my case is proving to be quite challenging. But again, I’m a noob.


Advice from a random a guy (AKA: me); If you start any project, make a timeline and calculate how long is gonna take you. Once that is done, multiply that time by 2, even 3.

Okay, after that. I’m still trying to figure out the way of linking the server and all it’s features with the core game and the database. This part of the project has been a b**ch. Mixing a javascript canvas, a API server and then database protocols is hard, not losing hope though.

If you are reading this a while after may 8th this might have changed, and provably other update post have been done.

me right as on may 8th me as on may 8th when I think of databases


Fun stuff! Even though _waster has all that server and database nonsense. The main thing is the game.

That I did using PIXI.js. It is a 2D game engine for HTML, and it works pretty well. It’s fast and easy to use.

_waster has one main objective. To embrace and push competitiveness through a very simple mechanic (swiping). But all that was explained in the previous post. At this point the game is almost finished. only two things are missing; The first is a countdown until the race ends, and a lounge, just at the beginning before the match where players choose the color of the hand, a name and they say are ready. Once both players are ready, there is a 3 second countdown and then the ‘wasting’ begins.

A big part of this project was to make it satisfying. Making sure that when playing, the users would find the feedback of both the screen and the controls gratifying. That means making sure that the animations for every swipe motion were responsive to the speed at which they were swiping. From that premise the following animations were made.

image alt text every time you swipe

image alt text flying bill

image alt text complete animation

That’s it! here is where this project is at the moment, as always, any comments comment down bellow or sent me an email.

> remember to check the game out <

Bonus video

My good friend Sebastian Morales already figured a way to cheat. It’s OK though, that means he doesn’t really get the game.

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