september 15th
New York City 2016

sound & video
#2 Nothing is original

The title of this blog post expresses my opinion and view over the theme of the text and TED talk we had to watch of this week’s assignment. it may be harsh but this is a sensation that I had since the second year of university. In History art has had many reasons of existence, from religious and faithful bodily representations to apparent scams masked as white canvases painted white, but always has based all of its results on society, history and the rest of the world behind us.

It’s easy to predict that this pieces of information really connected with something I had in my mind for a long time, and it’s good to see that this opinion of mine has been expressed by more prominent individuals and therefore validated.

So yes, nothing is original, everything has a reference, why are human beings living in a real world that bombards us with information every single minute we breath on it, this means that when we try to create something “new” we have to take inspiration from somewhere, and that somewhere is this world we are staying on right now and all its contents.

You can try making something new or being “innovative” which are situations that even though I’m assuring that nothing is original, you can create new things and be innovative, but those products you create, whatever they are, those just come from somewhere, they are a response to something else, a problem you had, a complain of yours, an immage that is stuck in your head. Even those apparently abstract creations made by Miro, have a reference point and even titles that resonate to real things.

Tàpies was a painter and sculptor from Barcelona that through his mostly abstract art reflected political views and references to society and art, making his apparently abstract art into a piece that has reference to real things.

image alt text Ecriture sur le mur - Antoni Tàpies 1971

we can see this kind of references on abstract art but the real Remix of art is Marcel Duchamp with a lot of his creations, he took real objects and created new pieces from them “readymades” changing completely the meaning of them and rendering them useless of their previous purpose. One example and probably the best well known is the readymade Fountain, which is a porcelain urinal with R.Mutt signed on a side. if this was a music piece, it would be considered a remix, something new from a previous creation.

image alt text Fountain - Marcel Duchamp 1917

But the problematic of creation referencing or appropriation is only made a problem because of the human nature. We are selfish, we like to think that what we do is special, and when someone take our creation and makes something new with it the thing most see is appropriation and some kind of copying. This behaviour is empowered by the legal system and the industry who has a greedy behaviour and witch-hunts everything that kind of sounds like one of their songs.

Sadly nowadays everything is moved by money, and culture is no exception of it.

On a final note on this topic, the only thing that can be done is what we can do yourself, the first step to change the world is to change ourselves, if someone uses your work, be proud, you have created something that someone else values enough to be inspiring to them and their creation. Embrace it!

I have a confession to make, I am no fan of poetry, I’m sure it is because I don’t know it and I haven’t dived into it, but it has something in it that I don’t enjoy. Maybe is the highly personal level of its material, and the act of someone talking to a crowd and nothing more, I’m a person who doesn’t enjoy attention, and the act of poetry seems to me an egocentric act, I talk you listen.I know this view is short minded and that I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it’s how I see it, my opinion of it. This might change with time, but this is how I feel about poetry itself.

For me words are just words, they are not that strong and they cannot change worlds, this is a really sad or cynical view but Is the way I see it. I understand why poets write and the beauty found on their words, but as I said, this highly personal level makes me feel like the ones who write their own feelings and express them to the world do it so others listen to them, again, an egocentric act.

After this short rant of poetry, let’s dive into the good stuff, not ‘getting’ poetry does not stop me from enjoying the walk and the people shown on it. Specially what this people did, how they lived their life in their own way and how strongly they believed on it.

The walk I took was the East Village Poetry walk. It was truly entertaining and interesting, as newcomer who does not know NYC this walk given an inside look over this neighborhood and makes me wish there were more walks like this one. this sound piece is not about poetry, it’s about the East Village and it history, how it was and what it has become, poetry it’s just the road we take to re-live the story and the first person point of view.

the most fascinating extract of this walk, it the fact that this groups of poets shaped the neighbourhood and have stayed in it for a long time, and as we get to the end of the walk they still are.

The sound piece technically is impressive, and well done. it’s a long walk but it does not get boring and nothing feels like filling, the places it take to are interesting and beautiful and the fact of having those places before you makes it come alive and become real and not just something you hear a story about during a car ride.

As I said, this kind of material gives an inside look that someone from abroad, that wants to know the city, appreciates a lot. And I think that New Yorkers that don’t know about the poetry scene at the East Village might enjoy it even more as they would get a different view of the area.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.