september 22st
New York City 2016

sound & video
#6 Breaking Comfort

Disclaimer: I’m not emotional artist, it is a struggle for me to create an emotional piece of “art”. My mindset is more logical, I enjoy structure and scientific reasoning. That’s my story.

Well… now that I exposed my worries I can start explaining the sound piece and the installation.

Before you listen to it, I’d like to explain the structure and how I planned the experience. The story per-se has three main parts but “Bloodchild” feels like a clear progression that goes downhill. If you were in the room observing how everything unfolds you would not enjoy the experience, especially the ending, were the main character decides to do what he is told to do.

This sensation of downwards spiral to a dark hole of badness is what I try to express with the soundpiece.

The structure that it gives to the listener is a series of words or sentences that keep the audience in the story, and then with ambient music and added rithms it expresses the unbearable discomfort that the main character is listening, breaking the rules of sound design I distort a rhythm that each time is louder and more constant, that way we translate that anxiety towards the listener.

This is the sound piece.

This piece would be played in a closet with the door open and a light inside. Just for the first part of the story, when things start to worsen the door is closed, but the light is still on, but at the very end, at the last 10 voice tracks the light is switched off and the listener is left standing up, in a small dark closet. That helps intensifying the emotions of the sound itself.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.