september 28th
New York City 2016

sound & video
#8 storytelling

Storytelling is a very complex matter, you are trying to accomplish so many things in a very limited amount of time, especially on video and audio. Storytelling is just the act of telling a story, but as Ira glass shows, there’s much more to it, not only the end result, which you have to work for long hour to get a very ephemeral experience, and the fact of knowing that you have to be tough to yourself and discard everything not worthy of showing.

But what Ira forgets is the process, not the fact of having to be able to produce mediocre stuff for years before becoming real good, but to tell the audience about the process, you might like TV and Radio, but the fact that you want to tell stories is not necessarily compatible with filmmaking or radio. The important factor is the process. You gotta love the process of filming a movie, because if you do not enjoy that, you won’t survive. All this is said from experience, I used to help friends over in professional sets and all that stuff, but once I saw how a movie was made and all the repetition and the moving parts I knew I didn’t like it, when you work with so many people things never happen how they should and the result never is the way you’d like it to.

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Our story is a How To video, in this we plan to make a comedic tutorial where a coder shows how to code a human being’s actions, like moving a hand or drinking water. Is planned to have the comedy as an element that at the beginning is not that obvious but as the actions proceed they get worse, and you can see them through a conscious human that is forced to do certain things.

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