january 29th
New York City 2017

#43 no more delaying ~ first week

Research Summary

This thesis comes from a previous project, so some of the basic ideas and concepts to be researched are already started, not in the literal sense, but I know the direction I want to take.

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I’ll start with what I’m sure of, (AKA stuff that I want, and that has to be corroborated)

  • It has two parts, a physical controller and a digital game
  • The digital game is going to be web based, due to my skills aligning with that.
  • The control is going to be used by hand, I rather centre my doubts in one part of the body, rather than the whole thing, and risk getting lost in the wheats
  • This control has to be and feel different than a regular controller.

Most controllers are build to be a tool that can be applied and used for anything. My controller aims to be the opposite, it has to be made to fit only one game.

The conundrum here is something else tho. what do I figure out first? The controller or the game.

What I realized while doing “_waster”, is that a good mechanic drives the game experience. meaning that if the controller is good enough, you just need a good engaging game interface to go with it.

Is this unique?

The short answer would be no, there are plenty of digital games that don’t use a regular/standard controller, that is build around or just works for a specific experience. a big influence for this project is arcade gaming.

If it has to be linked to a category, or an existing thing, this would be it, Japanese arcades. It would follow the same principals, but the final result is gong to be unique. There is no plan on doing an new version of a game that has already been made.


The prospective user of this project would be someone like me, meaning someone between 20 and 35, maybe more, body able, and of/or familiar with wester culture.

The intention is to be as open as possible and try to gather the widest audience, but I need to establish the most compatible user anyways.

unexpected outcomes/situations

The main situation RN is where to start. Should I know the content of the game first? or figure out the physical interaction before all else? The first time around, I thought of the interaction first, and the game came naturally after.

Something else I realised was the fact that users want to cut straight to the chase. they rather not have any kind of primer. And if one is needed, this has to be part of the gameplay.

Last realisation was that people are stupid, but not as stupid as you might think.


From technical point of view, this is a relatively simple project. It’s going to require javascript for the digital game, and physical computing for the controls. If managed properly, it’s doable.

But in the worst of cases, the digital game can be simplified to the point where the game is playable.


I have no idea what theme or story to have for this experience, this is the area where I’m the most lost.

Thesis Statement

how do physical interfaces affect or shape a digital game experience.

Dream Review

Way more interesting to play than to talk about or see. Easy to pick up, but very engaging. Good animations and better game-feel.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.