february 5th
New York City 2018

#45 too much to read ~ second week


I am
grau Puche a designer, graphic designer, creative, developer, not an engineer, coder, web developer and student/learner.
I care about
Learning, helping others learn, creating experiences, tech, entertainment, culture/art and games.
I want to explore
The significance of tangible interfaces over digital games and the relation between each other.
The creation of a multiplayer game with the mentioned interface characteristics.
I have
Read and compiled a selection of papers in hand movement and interaction with interfaces.
Doing so I pretend to find out the interaction that is gonna be what is going to shape the controller and therefore the digital game.


  1. having the digital game progress throttled by the controller.
  2. having to do “extra” user testing and doing so twice.


The prospective user of this project would be someone like me, meaning someone between 20 and 35, maybe more, body able, and of/or familiar with westerner culture.

The intention is to be as open as possible and try to gather the widest audience, but I need to establish the most compatible user anyways.



Albert is a guy in his 20s that moved to a new country not long ago, he likes socializing and learning from people, but he’s kind of a wierdo too. This big cultural change makes him feel like an alien sometimes, which is both a good and a bad thing. He’s so busy that he has no time to play video games anymore, but he enjoys them a whole lot. They make differences between people either null or entertaining and he doesn’t have to think about all that while playing. He can be himself and have fun.

  • scared/excited about the future
  • cares about others way to much
  • enjoys being around people, but can be very timid


Michelle is a woman on her 50s, she has 2 kids, one of them is finishing college, and the other is on her full teenager phase. She works more than 9 ours a day right in front of her business and life partner, somehow they’ve been married for 24 years and they still love each other. She tries to be home before 7pm on a daily, but that is not always possible, and when she does, she’s still is busy fixing her teenage daughter’s “life threatening” problems. in the rare occasion she has nothing that requires her, she enjoys reading and photography. She never liked games, the only one she ever played whiningly was Tetris.

  • family first, work second, … , herself last
  • enjoys traveling and photography
  • just discovered yoga and she liked it a lot.


image alt text

Grab their attention, trigger their curiosity and make them stay through gameplay!

things our hands do


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Objects automatically potentiate action: an fMRI study of implicit processing


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Hand-Object Interaction: From Grasping to Using

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Reach and Dexterity

Postural Hand Synergies during Environmental Constraint Exploitation

Chris Harrison, Welcome

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Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.