january 30th
New York City 2017

towers of power
#27 IMSI where are you?

This is a highly “American” thing to do, talking about companies and how good and fantastic they are. It’s not a complain, I’m just stating a sensation. I’m from Barcelona. you know, that place in Europe full of socialists. In there we grow up seeing privatisation and big companies as something bad that should not be trusted. So it’s quite interesting to see this shift now that I’m living here. The U.S. is the capitalist wonderland and books like “Build to Last” are something I believe to be very common.

Again, it is weird to me to read a text of someone saying how great this companies are, and how Wonderful everything they do is. I’ve only read the first two chapters, and this is the feel that I got from it. I know I’m provably wrong and that at some point this is rectified, but here is where I stand right now.

The common ground for all this companies, viewed from my point, is that their product is good, in the sense that they know their consumer and they provide what it wants. It’s that simple, which is not simple a at. But something worth mentioning of the visionary companies listed in the first chapter is that these are very old companies, and nowadays there are plenty others, much younger that have gone through the same path but in the last 15 years or so. Companies like Google go with the requirements stated on the book and are not as old as the “visionaries” provided. But this book was written during the late 90’s and the internet corporations weren’t around yet.

Longevity is not that big of an issue at this day and age, very young companies gain a lot of momentum really fast due to how easy it is to reach a worldwide consumer for your product. Something else worth mentioning that now is changing, is the implication some of this companies to society and the values they have. Provably old companies have values like these but they do not advertise them. Again, I’m that socialist guy that hates corporations (not really).

Longevity bring this argument to the next question, why do we want to build a company that lasts forever. I know that solid and steady income are very valuable, but why, just why does a company have to be a ever-existing being that stands there like a rock, always there. sometimes an old company offers more trustworthy products, which is a great thing. but most of the time, they rely on old-fashioned values that are so deeply embedded in the company that most things they try to get out of them don’t work.

A good example would be Microsoft, specially regarding the windows OS. It is build by engineers for engineers and every time they try to change or improve their UX, they fail pretty hard. The basic build and shape of the OS is so old that trying to change its clothes it’s not gonna make it better. If you buy windows is because you have too, and Apple is trying to drain our bodily fluids with their prices.

This is what happens with some of this “visionary companies” they are still alive, but for shire volume, they are so old and wealthy that they can allow themselves to fail constantly. They are rocks grown to become mountains, they might transform due to erosion, but you will never bring them down.

Something I would like to take of my chest is the following question: Do CEOs read this kind of books before becoming one? just gonna leave this here. I’m not trying to undermine the value if this kind of writing.


It was pretty straight forward to find what the IMEI in my cell was. I just needed to type *#06# on the phone’s numpad.

The IMSI was an other story. First was the preliminary and compulsory google search, which brought me nowhere. I even got to a point where I suspected, and still kind of do, that these two are the same number. From there I just decided to call my cell provider and ask for it. they told me how to get the IMEI, which I already knew, and told me that even though they had access to the IMSI they weren’t allowed to say it to me due to security reasons.


Please, tell me how good or bad this post was. And comment on anything that comes up in that beautiful brain of yours.